This page is maintained as a complete list of courses that I have taken on campus. I have a master degree in Applied Mathematics, and bachelor degree in Information and Computing Science. So many math courses are included. Programming is almost a necessary for everyone in science and engineering. Fortunately, I quickly acquired the skill set. Now I can programming in Python, Java, C/C++, Matlab and Mathematical. I learnt Mathematical, Matlab and C/C++ for courses 10 years ago, and had very few chance to use them in work. Later on, because of job requirements, I mastered Java (since 2011) and Python (since 2016). To earn experiences and master a programming language, nothing is better than dirtying your hands. Real projects did me a big favor. For example, I implemented a tiny search engine from the scratch, developed a rich libraries on voting, built a reinforcement learning based voting model to learn the internal voting procedure. Catching the annoying bugs is another important aspect that drives me to develop the right programming habits.

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