I bought horsehour.com in March 2013, but did not use it until May 2017. To record my random thoughts on research and programming, I build this Jekyll blog hosted on GitHub. I prefer to take notes with $\rm \LaTeX $, which has excellent supports for mathematical equations and algorithmatic procedures. Therefore, the posts are written in a hybrid of Markdown (for text) and $\rm \LaTeX $(for equations) and converted into HTML by Pandoc. Sometimes, pdf2htmlEX is also used to convert PDFs to HTML documents such that the original structures of PDFs are well kept.

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14 Jan 2018

Computational Social Choice View Comments

A collection of research papers, open sources on social choice theory or voting problem.

13 Oct 2017

Solution to render math equations in Markdown View Comments

It gives steps to render math equations in Markdown from $\rm\TeX$ source.

20 May 2017

Reinforcement Learning View Comments

Reading list on Reinforcement Learning for summer project.

16 Apr 2017

Match Students' and Colleges' Preferences View Comments

Matching has many applications in real world, e.g. online dating, student recruitment for universities, and jobs seeking in employment market. We introduce a simple bilinear model, and picture the matching problem as ranking. The model provides online recommendations based on existing preference profiles of colleges and students. You can find the related repository on GitHub.

29 Jun 2016

Parallel Universes, Entropy and States Transition View Comments



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